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For all-over daily moisturizing:

Go beyond ceramides

Eucerin® Advanced Repair is uniquely formulated to replenish what nature provided to help treat dry skin.

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A complete therapeutic approach to dry skin

Ceramides alone aren’t enough to treat dry skin. That’s where Advanced Repair comes in. The unique formulation is designed to address the three key issues of a damaged moisture barrier by replenishing what the skin needs:

  • Natural moisturizing factors help improve and maintain skin hydration
  • Ceramide NP helps strengthen the skin's barrier and defends against water loss
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Treatment Goals

Understanding your dry skin

Your doctor will review the specific treatment goals for your dry skin condition, but they may include:

  • Restoring moisture and maintaining lasting hydration
  • Strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier
  • Relieving symptoms (flaking, scaling, itching, rough patches)
  • Establishing a skincare routine to replenish dry skin daily
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Healthy habits to maintain healthy-looking (and feeling) skin

Things to do:

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Limit showers and baths to 10 minutes a day using lukewarm water

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Moisturize immediately after bathing

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Use mild, fragrance-free products

Excessive bathing, especially in hot water, washes away the skin’s natural protective oils and dehydrates the skin.


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Too much sun exposure

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Overbathing and overexfoliating

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Harsh cleansers, soaps, and detergents

Prolonged sun exposure is one of the most damaging environmental factors for skin–and can lead to dryness, wrinkles, and skin cancer.

The causes–and contributing factors–of dry skin

Dry skin can happen to anyone, but you have a higher likelihood of developing it if you:

  • Are 40+ years of age
  • Live in certain climates (cold, windy, low humidity)
  • Have a job that requires frequent handwashing
View the full list of dry skin risk factors.
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